Bootstrap Admin Dashboard
& Powerful UI Kit.

Fast build admin for any platform

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      Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library.

      Preprocessor - Sass

      Winkle CSS framework is built with Sass following a completely modular approach. Easy to understand light weight css structure.

      Node js

      Node is an event driven Java Script runtime to make compile your open source libraries in seconds.

      Powerful CLI - Grunt

      Compile and do changes with the introduced grunt Command line interface.


      Bower is a package manager. Frameworks, libraries, assets, and utilities. Bower manages all these things for you.

      Ready to use pack

      No need to have knowledge of the technologies. Winkle comes with ready to use compiled packs.

      API Usage

      Working apps like weather and social media feeds like twitter and instagram uses relative API to show live feeds.

      1000+ UI Components

      From Typography to Tabs, Cards, accordions, modal windows, notifications etc.

      2000+ Font Icons

      Choose from plenty font icons for better, crisp & sharp look on all devices.

      RTL Support

      Change application language on-the-fly and use as fallback languages, language detection, direct access etc.

      8 Color Schemes

      Winkle comes with predefined color variables to suit overall design.

      90+ HTML Pages

      Go and explore all types of ready to use dashboards, authentication pages, forms, tables and app pages.

      Light Weighted

      light weight code makes the framework less bulky and increases the speed of load.

      Well Documented

      Get Started with a detailed guide from the experts.

      Fully Responsive

      From Mobile to desktop, Fits any screen.

      Lots of Widgets

      Widgets and plugins to quickly deploy a good experience with the dashboard.